The «AeroGIS Cemetery» - modern software designed for inventorying cemeteries and further registration of burials.

The customers of «AeroGIS Cemetery» are state and municipal institutions working in the field of funeral business.

The «AeroGIS Cemetery» software is included in the unified register of Russian software, reg. number 15248 of 25.10.2022

Consultation: (473)263-63-63   support@aerogis.ru

About «AeroGIS Cemetery» software

«AeroGIS Cemetery» software is designed for:

→ Construction of modern electronic accounting and search for graves

→ Identification of ownerless graves

→ Identification of empty plots of land on the territory of the cemetery

→ Identification of burials that exceed the standards for permissible fence sizes

→ Increasing the efficiency of municipal services provided to the population, generating certificates about the location of the required grave

→ Estimating the size of vacant plots and planning cemetery areas

→ The «AeroGIS Cemetery» software works through any modern web browser, which makes it possible to run the client part on any device (cross-platform)

→ The server part can be installed locally (on a single computer, without connecting to the Internet), or in the local network of the Customer’s enterprise, or «in the cloud» for access from the Internet

→ Ability to export all data of the selected cemetery (including boundaries of blocks and fences) into one file of Excel format

→ Ability to import all data of the selected cemetery (including boundaries of blocks and fences) from an Excel file

→ The software is being developed and new features required by Customers are being added

The map of The «AeroGIS Cemetery» software is adapted for large-scale maps and has a “Ruler” tool that allows you to measure the distances between any objects on the map in centimeters.

→ Displaying the perimeters of each quarter of the selected cemetery on the map

→ Displaying the perimeter of the fences of each burial place on the map or GPS marks if the fence is not specified

→ Intelligent search for graves using various criteria, for example by last/first/middle name, date range, fence size, search for all graves within a certain radius, and so on

→ Measuring the free space between fences, the width of roads, paths (in centimeters)

→ Editing existing burial places and their fences on the map and in the table

The table of the «AeroGIS Cemetery» software has the functionality of Excel spreadsheets, which allows you to use functions familiar to the operator, such as «autocorrect», sorting, clipboard and others.

→ An intelligent system for adding new data of burial places, making routine work as simple as possible for the operator

→ Ability to select multiple graves at the same time (to display photos of selected graves in an photo gallery or to export data rows via a standard computer clipboard)

→ Generation of a printed form for a selected grave indicating all the information about the burial place, its GPS coordinates, adjacent and outer graves of the same row, and the map fragment

→ Automatic search on the map for a grave selected in the table

→ Support for «Hot keys» for attaching new photos to the edited line, linking GPS coordinates from photo meta tags

The photo gallery in view-only mode displays photos of burial places selected in the table or on the map. In editing mode, it allows you to link/unlink photos and their GPS coordinates to rows in the table.

→ Display photos related to selected rows in the table or a selected fence on the map

→ Adding new photos, extracting GPS coordinates from image file meta tags (in edit mode)

→ Support for «Hot keys» for managing the gallery (scrolling through photos, snapping to a selected table row, displaying photos full screen in a new tab)

→ In edit mode, double-clicking on a paper clip on any image (or the Ctrl+5 combination on the keyboard) allows you to automatically add this photo to subsequent ones (Useful for linking a common view of the fence to all graves inside the fence in close-up)


 Local version

→ The software is installed on your computer and can work without an Internet connection

→ All data is stored locally on the Customer's computer.

Free* (when ordering an inventory service)

14990 ₽** (when signing a technical support agreement)

79000 ₽*** (per one local server)

 Cloud service

→ The program and data are located on our servers. Access to the program is provided through your Personal Account 24/7

→ Ability to upload/download backup copies of all data for each cemetery from our cloud server to an Excel file

→ All concerns about the maintenance of the software, timely updating and data security are taken care of by our specialists

1490 ₽/mon. (if paid annually)

1990 ₽/mon. (if paid monthly)

* When ordering a set of services for inventorying a cemetery with an area of 1 hectare or more, a license for the software, training and 1 year of full technical support are provided free of charge.

** When signing a technical support agreement, including employee training, installation of updates, solving technical problems, for a period of 1 year. The cost of technical support will be: 990 ₽/month. (if paid annually), or 1450 ₽/month (if paid monthly). For administrations of rural settlements there is a 50% discount on license

*** One license per one server, the number of users and the number of cemeteries is limited only by the technical capabilities of the Customer’s server. Initial installation, configuration, and employee training are included in the price. When a software update is released, the Customer receives an email with a link to download the update and instructions for updating.

We can help you migrate data from third-party programs (including outdated ones) to modern cross-platform software «AeroGIS Cemetery»

Demo access

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Technical support

→ by email: support@aerogis.ru

→ by phone: +7(473) 263-63-63 (from 9:00 to 18:00 Moscow time)

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